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Professional Licensure Benefits

Under Valor Act II for veterans, active duty military, and relocated military spouses 

The Valor Act II requires the Massachusetts Division of Professional Licensure (DPL) to waive application fees and to provide other licensing benefits to veterans, active duty military, and relocated military spouses. Benefits include:

- Each of DPL's 31 boards of registration accepts relevant education, training, and service completed by an applicant for licensure as a member of the armed forces or the military reserves, toward the qualifications required for licensure.

- The license of a member of the military who is on active duty will remain valid until he or she is released from active duty, and for 90 days thereafter.

- DPL expedites the licensure process for military spouses who are licensed in other states and have left employment there to accompany a spouse relocated to the Commonwealth due to a military transfer.

- Under Valor Act II, DPL will also waive the Commonwealth's portion of the initial licensure fee for individuals who qualify for benefits through one of the categories listed above.

For more information, see the Massachusetts Professional Licensing Programs benefit and visit the veterans page of the Division of Professional Licensure website.

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