Frequently Asked Questions

Additional questions regarding use of the Mass VetsAdvisor, the information listed here, or the Massachusetts Veterans community can be addressed to the Mass VetsAdvisor Community Manager at mvacm@masstech.org.
Please do not hesitate to contact us.

Who may use this website?

The Mass VetsAdvisor is intended for the use of Massachusetts Veterans, their families, their caretakers, care givers, friends and Veterans Services Officers that serve that community. Service providers that offer services for Veterans and the Veterans community are encouraged to describe programs they offer by registering and telling us about what you do.

Where does all the benefits data come from?

The database of benefits was developed using state-of-the-art data organization methods that were applied to the current books of benefits that are published at the State and Federal levels.

Is the data current?

The State and Federal benefits data is published annually. The VetsAdvisor Community Manager is monitoring benefits, comments, questions and incoming information from service providers and will continually update the website. 

How does the search work?

State of the art data organization techniques were utilized to make benefits information easier to find and use. The VetsAdvisor employs technology that allows users to create and filter searches for benefits that meet their eligibility criteria. The “guided search” approach is intended to more easily connect Veterans with benefits they qualify for and uncover some benefits and programs that they didn’t even know existed.

Is my information being kept private?

The Mass VetsAdvisor takes your privacy seriously. Please see our Privacy Policy for detailed information.

This page will be updated continuously as we answer more questions about the usage and content of this site.