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Motor Vehicle Excise Tax Exemption for Disabled and former POWs
Department of Revenue
  • 100 Cambridge Street
  • Boston, MA 02210
100 Cambridge Street, Boston, MA 02210
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Veterans as defined in section 7 of chapter 4 of the Massachusetts General Laws who by reason of service in the armed forces of the United States have suffered the loss, or permanent loss of the use of one or both feet or one of both arms or has permanent visual impairments as determined by the VA or has been determined by the medical advisory board within the Registry of Motor Vehicles to be permanently disabled is eligible for motor vehicle excise exemption (applicable for only one motor vehicle owned and registered for personal, non-commercial use).

For former prisoners of war, and their surviving spouse, the law allowing the exemption for the motor vehicle excise must be accepted by the city or town to be applicable.

How to Apply

  • For applications of excise tax exemptions for disabled Veterans and former prisoners of war contact your local board of assessor’s office.

    For information on excise tax exemptions for disabled veterans and former prisoners of war, contact: Department of Revenue, Division of Local Services 100 Cambridge Street (no walk-in service), Boston, MA 02210 or call (617) 626-2300.